E-home express and big pie usher in the era of exclusive POP products

Pingtan comprehensive experimental area e home service Co., Ltd., an Internet family life comprehensive service provider, focuses on installation, maintenance, maintenance, unit cleaning, family cleaning, nanny, Yuesao, Internet home care, Philippine housekeeper service, health care base and smart community, smart home auxiliary commodity sales.

Fujian big pie Network Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on brand incubator, science and technology innovation, ingenuity design, quality life projects, and provides one-stop explosive incubation services of marketing, channel, investment and financing. It has 3 branches in Fuzhou and Shanghai, with business and service coverage in Asia and Europe. At present, the big pie platform has 1 million + users.

On December 5, 2018, e home service Co., Ltd. of Pingtan comprehensive experimental area signed a cooperation agreement with Fujian big pie Network Technology Co., Ltd. the two sides discussed how to better promote product services in the market environment.


Mr. Xie Wenshan (left), chairman of e-home express, signed a contract with Mr. Chen Ying (right), CEO of big pie


 In this strategic cooperation, e-home express will use the big pie platform to promote the comprehensive service of family life, expand the publicity, obtain more traffic, and improve the brand awareness. Let more customer service customers enjoy the professional and high-quality service of e-home express! Big pie and e-home express will strengthen the platform of big pie, further in the incubation of explosive products. Both sides work together to achieve win-win cooperation!