Mr. Xie taoteng, chairman of Xiamen zejin fund Town, and his party visited service e's home

On September 3, 2018, Mr. Xie taoteng, chairman of zejin fund Town, Xiamen, and his delegation visited e home service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as e home express) in Pingtan comprehensive experimental area.


Xiamen zejin fund town is the first free trade zone fund town in China. It is operated by Xiamen Chuangke Investment Management Co., Ltd. and focuses on domestic investment of overseas funds such as Taiwan and overseas Chinese. It has gathered more than 100 domestic and overseas funds from three places on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. A-share IPO or listing in Hong Kong is about to be made by many fund investment enterprises.First of all, chairman Xie taoteng congratulated e-home express service project on its outstanding performance in more than 20 projects and its inclusion in the roadshow of the 20th China (Xiamen) International Investment and Trade Fair for Chinese enterprises listing in the United States. Participating in the roadshow will be conducive to the optimization of the company's business, capital docking, and access to early guidance, project display and promotion opportunities to more investors.

Xie Wenshan, chairman of e-home express, introduced the company's development achievements and future capital development plan in the business sectors of e-home express, three auxiliary road Xine shopping, Yusheng technical school and Yaxing human resources in detail during the company's accompanying visit, and focused on the three major sectors of e-home Express's recent comprehensive family service: 1. Installation and maintenance of home appliances and bathroom; 2. Housekeeping and cleaning bell. 3. The development of Internet pension.

  Chairman Xie taoteng expressed that he understood the rapid growth of E-Family fast service in recent years, and through analyzing its current business direction, he clearly looked forward to the development prospect of E-Family fast service, and put forward valuable suggestions for its overseas capital planning.