E-Home Household Service Holdings Limited(EJH.US) Announces 2022 Full Placement Promotion of "Internet and Smart Pension"

E-Home Household Service Holdings Limited $EJH.US$ (in the future referred to as the "e EJH.US" or the "Company") announced their full deployment of the "Internet + Smart Pension" program in 2022. The project company operates in Fujian, Shandong, Guangxi, and other places in China, and the project members are close to 100000. In 2022, it will expand to major cities, and members are expected to grow significantly. 

Business and technical aspects: "Internet plus smart elderly care" is a scientific and technological information service platform established by E-Home Household Service Holdings Limited, mainly aimed at the elderly over 60 s. When the elderly have service needs, they only need to use Internet tools (wristwatches) to contact their information service platform. The platform will send professional service personnel to provide the elderly with domestic care and other services according to the requirements of the elderly. Meanwhile, the paper will supervise service quality. The children can know the parents' health status and activity trajectory at any time through the mobile phone system. 

"Internet + Smart Elderly-care service" makes it possible for some elderly people to stay at home without going to the home, known as "endowment homes without walls." Its scientific and technological attributes are:

· SOS one-click rescue function, 

· Fall prevention and rescue function, 

· Automatic phone answering function, 

· Anti-loss function, 

· Manual automatic measurement of heart rate and blood pressure, 

· Sleep quality monitoring function, 

· Docking community doctors, and 

· Other service functions. 

It can realize the interconnection between children and the elderly at home through the Internet + intelligent tools, and always know the elderly's home and health status. It shall reduce the burden on the children to support the elderly, improve the safety of the elderly to support the elderly at home, and promote the development of the elderly care industry.  

Policy: On April 16, 2019, the General Office of the State Council issued the Guideline on Promoting the Development of Aged Care Service. Article 21 explicitly requires the implementation of "Internet plus Aged Care." We will continue to promote the development of the intelligent health endowment industry, expand the application of information technology in the field of endowment, formulate a catalog of the promotion of intelligent health endowment products and services, and launch a pilot demonstration of the application of intelligent health endowment. Promote the deep application of next-generation information technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, and intelligent hardware in the field of elderly care services. 

In response, Xie Wenshan, CEO of E-Home Household Service Holdings Limited, said: The consumer market of the elderly in China is a trillion market, and the problem of the aging population has been the focus of the government departments in China. Therefore, the company will take the Internet technology as the core and strive to build an intelligent elderly care management system, home elderly care management system, health care management system. Do an excellent job of home-based elderly care service, through the technology and the company's original home-based services to achieve connectivity, for home-based elderly care to provide accurate services. At the same time, the promotion of Internet + Smart Pension through full-scale layout will improve the company's service area and service quality. Innovation will continue to evolve through technology enablement to ensure the development of the "Internet + elderly care" industry. 


About E-Home Household Service Holdings Limited

The company was incorporated in the Cayman Islands on September 24, 2018, and is a modern enterprise with integrated family services, mainly engaged in home appliances, smart home, after-sales services, and home economics; Home appliance and intelligent home service business, customers, and outlets in 32 provinces; Domestic service business and Internet elderly care business is developed in Fujian, Guangxi, and Shandong at present; In terms of skills training, the company mainly aims at internal training; At present, the company has more than one million active users on the platform, and the company has carried out business cooperation with more than 2600 domestic appliance service outlets nationwide and has carried out business cooperation with more than 1000 domestic service outlets.


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