Business system
Smart Home
Installation, maintenance, cleaning
Housekeeping Services
Mainly in the form of hour work, family and compnay cleaning, supplemented by nanny and maternity matron .
Internet Elderly-Care Services
The extension of housekeeping deep service,through Internet tools for groups over the age of 60.
Fuzhou Yusheng Vocational and Technical School
Cultivate and cultivate self-supporting service team,export service personnel,and train enterprise standards into industry standards.
Yaxing Human Resource Management (Pingtan) Co., Ltd.
To introduce good services for high-end families;and provide human resources to the E-Home.To export service personnel and service standards for the industry.
Core Technology
Client Optimization
We provide ordinary family users with wechat public platform, app, small programs and multiple adaptation scenarios. Users can track the direction of service personnel throughout the whole process, with a unique special code seal. We open the port for customers of cooperative business units to record, and the service records are electronically archived, visualized, and automatically settle bills in detail, with clear data and efficient management.
Smart dispatch
The background work order of the system is automatically distributed to the outlets near the address based on the LBS geographical location. If there are no outlets nearby or the outlets reject the order, it will be returned automatically, and the background system will remind to transfer to manual customer service.
Marketing push
According to the big data of service reservation habits, the system calculates the automatic reminder and automatically arranges the service personnel with high correlation degree.
Internet of things health
Self developed smart devices such as terminal watches, with functions such as heart rate and blood pressure measurement, real-time positioning, voice call micro chat, one button SOS, medication reminder, etc., build an intermediate cloud platform to connect family and community doctors' mobile terminals, family members can establish a family circle, share the health data, location, message communication of hardware equipment wearer, and solve it through e-home express service platform. The daily maintenance, cleaning and purchase of household appliances and sanitary wares shall be determined; the remote diagnosis of abnormal health data transmitted by the wearer by the community doctor shall be conducted through the guidance and adjustment of voice and video, and 120 hospitals shall be visited or connected seriously
Franchise cooperation
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