About E-Home Household Service Holdings Limited

       Established in 2014, E-Home Household Service Holdings Limited is a Nasdaq-listed household service company based in Fuzhou, China. The Company, through its website and WeChat platform "e家快服", provides integrated household services, including 1) installation and maintenance of home appliances and smart homes; 2) Housekeeping, nanny, sister-in-law and cleaning services; 3) Internet elderly care + home-based elderly care; 4) Hospital care; 5) Nanny delivery platform.

       After years of development, the Company has formed two main services and four auxiliary services targeting at individual consumers (ToC) and business clients (ToB). 1) The ToC business focuses on nanny, sister-in-law, home-based elderly care and cleaning, and family comprehensive service supplemented by other housekeeping services. At present, it has successfully connected with metaverse technology to realize metaverse-based customer service as well as training of domestic workers. The ToB business focuses on public cleaning and cleaning robotic equipment. Four auxiliary services include 1) docking and application of metaverse technology to housekeeping and cleaning industries; 2) online and offline sales of medicine and health food (including nannies and nursing workers); 3) training on nannies and nursing workers to engage in health care in physical stores; 4) human resources (flexible employment).

       E-Home has become a modern enterprise of comprehensive service for family life. The Company always adheres to the business philosophy of "solving every issue of customers with heart", and to the code of conduct of "doing everything well with heart". The Company aims to set the benchmark of the household service industry. For more information, visit the Company's website at http://www.ej111.com/ir.html.

development history

E-home express and Pingtan government sign the landing agreement of Taiwan Strait Home Economics College


Won the title of excellent Internet entrepreneur in 2018

Key listed backup enterprises in Fujian Province in 2018

Won the title of Unicorn enterprise with the most investment potential in 9.8 CIFIT and smart home appliance service industry

Won the top ten best creative awards of the third cross strait Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

Won the title of "specialized, special and new" enterprise in Fujian Province


Key listed backup enterprises in Fujian Province in 2017

Establishment of overseas listing structure completed

Obtain Evergrande industrial investment


Standing vice chairman unit of joint insurance committee of China household appliance business association

Won the 2015 "top 10 service providers of China's home appliances"

Passed "ISO9001 quality management system certification"

Signing overseas listing strategic cooperation with CGDC

From "market service provider after home appliances and building materials" to "comprehensive service provider for family life"


Form strategic cooperation with Gome, Suning, Jingdong, SHUAIKANG, aikenjia.com, etc.

Management team

Xie Wenshan

Founder, Chairman, CEO

Xie Wenshan Founder, Chairman, CEO

also been the executive director and general manager of Fuzhou Bangchang.

Executive vice President of special committee of coinsurance of China household appliance commercial association

Vice President of Beijing gulou chamber of commerce

Yang hucheng, vice President of general social welfare association

Highlight specialty:Good at strategic layout, capital operation and enterprise management, committed to this industry for 15 years is the pioneer of China's appliance service industry

overall charge:Service E-home strategic decision making and operation monitoring management

He Mingxiang

CMO & Board Member

He Mingxiang CMO & Board Member

Mr. He Mingxiang has more than ten years of working experience in the field of education and training. Before joining e-home express, he worked in the field of education from 1994 to 2005 and was a member of the Education Research Association. Study in the UK from 2005 to 2012. Mr. he served as the business manager of Xiamen Chaohong Electronics Co., Ltd. from 2013 to 2017 and the general manager of Fujian Magic New Technology Co., Ltd. from 2017 to 2020.

Highlight specialty:He also has many years of work and research experience in the fields of e-commerce, foreign trade, Internet of things and blockchain, and has a deep understanding and rich experience in the industry.

overall charge:Service E-home marketing operation management

Zhu Chunsheng

Chief Financial Officer

Zhu Chunsheng Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Zhu has worked in finance for 30 years. Before joining us, Mr. Zhu served as the chief financial officer of Fujian CHUANGHE Electric Co., Ltd., a diversified enterprise focusing on all-round services in the power industry, from 2010 to 2020. From 2002 to 2009, he worked as financial manager in Fuzhou Mawei steamship Co., Ltd. Zhu was born in 1982 and received a bachelor's degree in accounting and auditing from Fujian Jimei University of Finance and economics. Highlights: financial budget, final account management and tax planning, familiar with overseas listing experience.

overall charge:Service e financial monitoring management, tax planning and listing planning.